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Mezz West State Stop #1 – The Final 16!

August 10th @ 1:37 am / PST

Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA 

Kang Match

Final Players So Far!

With matches still in progress after 14 hours of play in The MezzWestStateTour’s 1st tour stop event at Hard Times Billiards and the live stream currently in progress to determine who will earn a seat in the Final 16 player event at 12:00 Noon / PST, we arrive only at the final 8 players who will return from the Winner’s side.

With one-loss matches still in progress, it leaves us with no choice but to publish the current standings and update this article when we arrive later this morning to continue the event.


The Final 16 Players

Winner’s Side: 

Tang Hoa vs Ramon Mistica

Santos Sambajon vs Ernesto Dominguez

Rodrigo Geronimo vs Fach Garcia

Lorry vs Chris Wedekind

One Loss Side 

Steve Chaplin  VS  Art Garcia

Jenny Lee  VS  Johnny Kang

Beau Runningen VS  Chris Robinson

Morro Paez   VS   Reid Fleming

The Payouts!


Complete Bracket Photo So Far!



Final Results! 

1st- Rodrigo Geronimo: $1,655

2nd- Ramon Mistica: $1,220

3rd- Johnny Kang: $800

4th- Tang Hoa: $525

5th/6th- Ernesto Dominguez, Chris Wedekind: $345 each

7th/8th- Lorry DeLeon / Santos Sambajon: $230 each

9th-12th- Art Garcia, Morro Paez, Beau Runningan, Fach Garcia: $175 each

13th-16th- Reid Fleming, Jenny Lee, Chris Robinson, Steve Chaplin: $125 each

Congratulations to Ramon Mistica and Rodrigo Geronimo

Left To Right - Ramon Mistica, Rodrigo 'Edgie' Geronimo and Daniel Busch

Left To Right – Ramon Mistica, Rodrigo ‘Edgie’ Geronimo and Daniel Busch

Winners of the Mezz West State Tour!

Winners of the Mezz West State Tour – Left to Right – Rodrigo Geronimo and Ramon Mistica


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  1. Enjoyed the streaming but could not stay with it to the end. Where would I find the postings of the who won and the top places?



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