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Monthly One-Pocket to begin at Golden Cue!

August 16th, 2014

Golden Cue Billiards – South El Monte, CA 

Coming August 16th!

Coming August 16th!

Design by: Chris SantanaFast&Loose Designs

New One-Pocket Event on 3rd Saturdays! 

Calling all One-Pocket Players from Hard Times, House Of Billiards, Epic Billiards, Shooter’s, Great Shots, Danny K’s, Stix, Stiix Butera’s Billiards and Mr. Lucky’s!

This Saturday on August 16th, The Golden Cue Billiards will begin holding a monthly, One-Pocket tournament on its 10, freshly covered Gold Crown I’s. Golden Cue owner, Ken Hoshide will also be adding $100 to the pot and the $30 entry fee seems a good number for a minimum number of players to take home a fairly decent payout. One Pocket players in SoCal and those passing through should not miss Ken’s ‘Action Room’ at the Golden Cue who look forward to drawing a regular field of interesting match-ups.

Format and Details

With tournament direction by Chris Santana at 323-679-4011, feel free to call with any questions. Entries are due on the day of the tournament. One-pocket players are also invited to provide their feedback to Chris as to whether they would like to raise the entry amount any higher, lengthen or shorten the format or change it to a round robin if the field is small. One thing’s certain though, SoCal One-Pocket players can consider The Golden Cue as a new oasis for monthly tournaments on every 3rd Saturday of the month.

This month’s format will consist of the following:

$30 Entry, Double Elimination, Race to 2/1, $100 Added (Based on 10 players), No Green Fee except a $15 flat ‘director fee’ for the event. What this means is that no matter how many people enter the room will only take $15 total from the prize fund.

Live Streaming

For now, live streaming has not been arranged but video taping of certain matches for later upload to YouTube will be arranged by us here at POV Pool! Future events may very well be streamed live for all to enjoy, Live and Free!

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