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Remembering Cole at Family

June 27th-28th, 2015

Family Billiards – San Francisco, CA

The 3rd Annual Cole Dickson Memorial

9-Ball Open…

Fog City’s Biggest Tournament

enhance-2What factors contribute to why a pool hall would want to hold a memorial tournament after a player passes away?  Why after three years, does Delbert Wong, the owner of Family Billiards in San Francisco, still honor the memory of Cole Dickson?  The stories of delbertCole Dickson are many, but all good.  From a young age, Dickson traveled the country playing against the best…and winning!  He was known as a stand-up individual who played with heart.  He wasn’t afraid to put his money where his mouth was.  He was a rare commodity in the pool world.  Unfortunately, his pool playing days ended short.  For these reasons, Delbert Wong, and the Dickson daughters, Christine and Susan honor his memory with an annual memorial tournament.

Delbert has graciously, for the past three years added money to bring people together to play the dannysport Dickson loved.  This year, Delbert is contributing $2,500 added to the total purse of the tournament.  This open 9-ball tournament brings the top players, not only in Northern California, but the country, as well.  In years past, champions like Ramon Mistica, Rodney Morris, Oscar and Ernesto Dominguez and Santos Sambajon have come to play in this class-act event.

rail birdsThis year entry fees are $85 if paid before June 24th and $100 if paid on the day of the event, June 27th.  There is a $10 green fee that helps to pay for table time and the tournament director.  Although the tournament is slated at race to 8 on the winners’ side and race to 6 on the one-loss side, the tournament director will use his/her discretion whether to shorten or extend the race prior to the tournament beginning, depending upon the amount of players.

So, cross the Golden Gate, Bay, Dumbarton or San Mateo bridges and show up early on Saturday because practice begins at 10:30…get a nice hour and half warm-up prior to the tournament beginning at noon.


If you’re out of the area, expect the exceptional coverage LIVE & FREE by POV POOL!  Also, this year POV Pool will be providing a live digital bracket (brought to you by CompuSport), tournament photos, updates pay-outs and much more on our Real Time News Feed!

Get on BART and Get to Family Billiards!

$2,500 Added 

  • Advanced Entry Fee (Register by 6/24) $85
  • Register on 06/27 Entry Fee $100
  • $10 Green Fee
  • Race to 8 on the Winners’ side/ 6 on Losers’ side
  • Race will be determined based on amount of entries on day of tournament
  • Practice begins at 10:30am
  • Matches begin at 12:00pm




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  • Tournament Info & Sign Ups: Family Billiards – (415) 931-1115
  • Advertising Space on Live Stream: Daniel Busch – (310) 923-6639
  • Anything else:

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This Post Has 3 Comments
  1. i remenber him in fremont knew him some took him to sf to play ..he was awesome .older guys would not play him they were ashamed to lose to a kid..he would shoot left handed with friends else they would not play him..he was young braggish ..good golfer too

    1. George, think I may have met you once through Cole. Did you come around Fremont Family Billiards on Peralta in Fremont? I used to play there when I was about 14 or 15. Played with Cole often then…he was about a year or two older than me. He coached / taught me a a lot. And sometimes used me as what I called action fodder to lure in an unsuspecting player from out of the area…lol. We’d sometimes walk home together late from Fremont Family Billiards (or Louis’ as we called it..the name of the owner…great guy…let me brush tables and clean up for table time) as Cole lived not far from me in Fremont. We talked a lot about baseball on those walks something we both liked and had played. He was just really becoming noted locally and talked often about playing on the road in the future. He was beating the locals with ease…(older guys that hung out there like Wiley Hatter and George Lafarr) I remember one night he mentioned he had a backer and was going to SF to play…Cochrans?? or The Palace I believe, maybe the night you staked him!??. The guy was cool under pressure and I never saw him choke. Wish his life would have gone better for him but stuff happens. I lost track of him when I was in my junior or senior year as I went a different direction like school and a more traditional lifestyle. Anyway RIP Cole you were a hell of a player and good guy when I knew you.

  2. I knew cole when carol was in his life…they left Granada Hills in 1975….Las Vegas was their destination.
    Lost contact…RIP Cole Dickson, the game will miss you.

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