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‘American Rotation’ Comes to Golden Cue!

February 21st, 2015

Golden Cue Billiards – South El Monte, California


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Golden Cue to Host Monthly ‘AMRO’ Tournaments! 

Starting on Saturday, February 21st, Joe Tucker’s – ‘American Rotation’ format has done it again, scoring the interest of Ken Hoshide’s, Golden Cue Billiards in South El Monte, CA. Under the tournament direction of Scott Doucette, The Golden Cue has decided hold a monthly ‘Open’, American Rotation Tournament. This is the first of many hopeful AMRO events, which invites players from outside of its own league to join in and learn the game. The ABC Club’s, AMRO game has earned the commitment of 64 flagship locations across the country to participate with 512 registrants competing each season.  The American Rotation National Championships have been won twice in a row by Mike Dechaine. 

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Live Stream Coverage on POV Pool! 

POV Pool will be providing exclusive coverage of this event, open to 16 players, there is also talk of opening the field up to 24 players if called for. The live stream will begin at 11:30 AM PST with ‘practice people’ until 12:00 pm should kick off the first match. Viewers can expect a fast paced event, with each match racing to just 40 points at no handicap. POV Pool anticipates emotions to run high for new players of the game, who will quickly learn that AMRO is one of the ‘great equalizers’ of all cue related sport games. The rules of American Rotation virtually eliminate, 2 way play, place a high demand on kicking, safety and strategy play – and for some, the glory of running 20 from the break!

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The American Billiard Club (ABC) and its flagship game of American Rotation (AR) are the creation of U.S. professional poolplayer and instructorJoe Tucker. Powered by Cue Sports International (CSI). Our game is a fresh take on traditional rotation (or 61), a cue sport of the Southeast Asian Games. Efren “Bata” Reyes (The Philippines) is generally considered the top rotation player, followed closely by Shane Van Boening (U.S.).

Click here for more on The American Billiard Club and American Rotation: 

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Save the date and watch the show! 

Check out The Golden Cue!

Check out The Golden Cue!


Special Thanks! 

POV Pool would like to thank Ken Hoshide, The Golden Cue Billiards, Joe Tucker and The American Billiard Club, Tiger Billiard Products, Kamui Tips, BA Pool Tables and AZ Billiards for sponsoring and making it possible for POV Pool to provide this coverage.

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