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World 10 Ball Update: Day 2 from General Santos!


Photo courtesy of Stephan Doiron

By: Erik Hjorleifson 




Today was an action packed day at the World 10 ball in General Santos, Philippines. In the early session matches the winners side faced off with those winners advancing to the final 64 redraw portion of the tournament. The losers of those matches will play the early session on February 19th, in the late afternoon and night sessions today the losers of the first round matches faced off in elimination matches. At the end of today’s play 32 players have been eliminated bringing the remaining field down to 96

Here are some of the notable eliminations:

  • Thorsten Hohmann
  • Rodney Morris
  • Imran Majid
  • Raj Hundal
  • Antonio Lining

The majority of the losses to these players were to Filipino qualifiers

Notable players through to the final 64 include:

  • Jeff De Luna (9-0, 9-1)
  • Darren Appleton
  • Alex Pagulayan
  • Ralf Soquet
  • Chang Jun Lin
  • Carlo Biado
  • Francisco Bustamante
  • Ko Pin Chung
Photo courtesy of Stephan Doiron

The Canadians did fairly well today as John Morra and Jason Klatt advanced to the final 64 with wins over Taiwanese and Korean players. Martin Daigle lost another close one 9-7 and has been eliminated as well as Stephan Doiron who had a tough draw against Ko Pin Yi. Pod Shognosh lost his winners side match and will have a shot at the re-drawtomorrow needing one match to advance to the single elimination portion of the tournament. Today I lost my first match to a Filipino qualifier 9-6 and I beat a Korean player in my second match 9-5, I will be one of the 16 matches to be played tomorrow where the winner will complete the final 64 single knockout stage.

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Although the venue is in a mall the conditions are very humid, so much so that you feel like you need a shower after playing a match. The humidity makes the cloth very heavy and the type of stroke needed to move the cue ball properly is something that the foreign players are not used to. I feel like this will be an advantage for the Filipino players moving forward in the tournament as they are used to these conditions, not making excuses as they will have to learn to adapt, just making an observation.

After the first two sessions of losers side matches the draw will be done and two rounds of final 64 matches will be played later in the day.

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