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Final Summary: Mezz West State Tour – Stop #3

By: Oscar Dominguez

September 14th, 2014

Diamond Billiards – Fresno, CA 


The third stop of the Mezz West State Tour kicked off at Diamond Billiards in beautiful, Fresno, California. A total of 83 players braved the scorching California heat to compete in what became the largest event to ever happen in the Fresno area according to room owner, Sheri Dadian. Players from San Diego, San Francisco, Mexico, Philippines, and even a few special guests from Hungary, the field was littered with high caliber players.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 12.11.18 PM

This was the first 9 ball stop of the season and the action was fast paced and not many matches took long. Day 1 – consisted of several upsets including San Diego local player Jaden Brock over Filipino ace, Rodrigo Geronimo and Lance Johnson over Oscar Dominguez. The two games to 9 the pros give to “open” players gives that boost to create a more level playing field thus giving amateurs an incentive and motivation to test their skills against the pro caliber players.

Day 2 – brought back 24 players of the original 83 with former junior world champion, Vilmos Foldes demonstrating his ultra aggressive style of pool winning the top half of the bracket. Meanwhile, former BCA junior national champion, Beau Runningen came from the lower half to meet the Hungarian for the hot-seat. Demonstrating a cool, calm, and collective approach, Vilmos grabbed the hot seat and sent Beau west.


The B side of the chart was filled with top players such as Ruben Bautista, Tang Hoa, Rodrigo Geronimo, Oscar and Ernesto Dominguez among others. This blood bath of players was whittled down to Bautista playing Runningen for a shot at Vilmos back into the finals. Beau made quick work of the young Mexican to avenge his loss earlier in the evening. In the finals, true double elimination is implemented and Vilmos cruised to a 9-4 victory bringing the $1500 top prize to the Hungarian champion. Beau settled for second prize money of $950.

A special thanks goes to Sheri Dadian and her mother Jean for hosting the Mezz West State Tour stop #3. They went above and beyond to accomodate the 83 players and fans with excellent service and a smile. Also, our sponsors who make this possible: Mezz Cues, West State Billiard Supply, ZAN tips, Virtual Pool 4, Marty Carey’s Jump QPOV Pool, AZBilliardsNYC Grind, Fast&Loose Designs and the TURTLE rack. Stop #4 brings the MWST to Plush Pocket in Northridge, CA. We hope to see you there!

West State Billiards

Matches will be viewable on Monday, Sept 22nd on POV Pool’s YouTube Channel. Please subscribe! 

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1st- Vilmos Foldes: $1,500
2nd- Beau Runnigen: $950
3rd- Ruben Batista: $620
4th- Rodrigo Geronimo: $420
5th/6th- Tang Hoa/ Ernesto Dominguez: $300 each
7th/8th- Brian Parks/ Reid Stenstrud: $200 each
9th-12th- Jaynard Orque, Oscar Dominguez, Santos Sambajon, Ramon Mistica: $150 each
13th-16th- Ramin Bakhtiari, Phil Prentice, Bobby Lees, Larry Bohn: $100 each
17th-24th- C.J Robinson, Lance Johnson, Ray Moran, Justin Logan, Jaden Brock, Tony Ortega, Francis Ritarita,
James Newborugh: $70 each
TOP FEMALE: Melissa Herndon: $100
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