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Virtual Pool 4 – “Last Call For Submissions!”

Are you a Professional/Semi-Pro/Top Amateur Pool Player?

If the answer is ‘Yes’ then just 3 weeks remain to be included on the upcoming release of Virtual Pool 4, which will feature real life players in the Pro-Tour Career Mode! All you have to do is send in your information with a player photo and sign the release. Submissions must be turned in by no later than July 30th, 2012.

Celeris Inc,  will release the ‘Offline’ version of Virtual Pool 4 on August 15th of 2012 and will be available for download. Now is YOUR chance to gain mass exposure to both the pool and gaming community. In Pro-Tour Career Mode of the game, users of Virtual Pool 4 will match up with known players like Max Eberle, Frank ‘The Barber’ Almanza, Steve Daking and many others. If you would like to be added on as one of these players on the Pro-Tour Career Mode, all you have to do is follow the instructions below:


Here’s how to submit:

Celeris is taking sign-ups for players who want to appear in the Pro Tour Career Mode in Virtual Pool 4. If you are a Pool or Snooker player who plays in events on a Pro Tour, this is a way to get some visibility and get your name, picture, and playing information out to millions of pool fans.

 To qualify:

  • You must be an active player on a pro tour,
  • or play at least a couple events from one or more pro tours each year, or
  • play an independent event that is not handicapped and the total prize fund is at least $5,000.

 What you must supply:

  • Signed copy of the legal release with minimum information of: name, address, nickname, play level, email (see link in checklist on left panel). Either fax back or scan and email it.
  • A good quality (no cheap phone pics), digital picture of yourself, preferably shooting a shot, or a head/shoulders picture. We will take care of any picture cropping/sizing.
  • Player Profile information, such as career highlights, playing style, info on how you got your nickname, lifestyle or any other interesting tidbits, etc.

 Other Optional information:

  • Website link to your personal player site that you want displayed in game. This is designed to drive players to your site. Facebook, MySpace or similar acceptable for the link.
  • Your birth date.
  • Your Player Profile write-up. We will create it from the Player Profile information you supply if you don’t provide this. Max length is 512 characters.

 How your information will be used:

  • Your Player Profile, and image will appear as a player in the VP4 Pro Tour Career Mode. VP4 players will see this information (and the web link if provide) on a Player Profile page. In game, your image will appear at the upper right corner of the screen when you (your virtual player) are shooting and your nickname will be displayed on the game score line.
  • See examples of the Player Profile page and in game use at the bottom of this page.

 Limitations on how your information will be used:

  • Player names, nicknames and images are only for use in game and only in the Pro Tour Career mode.
  • No player information will be used to market or advertise VP4 products.
  • Your address, and email address will be confidential and not displayed or given out to anyone.

 What you get in return:

  • A lot of exposure which is the key to attracting sponsors and furthering your pool career. Virtual Pool is the best selling pool video game of all time and has sold millions of copies over its lifetime.
  • A link to your website that you can use to promote yourself, and/or any merchandise you sell or represent.

Virtual Pool 4 – Trailer! 

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  1. You have done a great job on this. Would you guys have interes in talking about what we could do with combining marketing efforts and sharing customers. I love your concept and I think with what we do we could combine your vitrual pool with our virtual real life weekly pool tournament. The easiest thing to do is refer you our website to read the overview of the tour. This is a whole new format for competition and like your format players are able to see how they stack up against the pros. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. I will share your info with our team and get back to you as soon as we could. Thank you.

  2. Itmwoukd be greatly appreciated if Celeris could include 3C billiards in the Virtual Pool mobile app. I only play VP on my iPad.

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