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Kamui, Simonis & “Team Mexico” Pitch In For Team Rubicon

John Bertone of Kamui Tips, Ivan Lee of Simonis Cloth with Oscar and Ernesto Dominguez (AKA “Team Mexico) donated their time, supply, and service for a great non-profit organization called Team Rubicon. Team Rubicon headquartered in Los Angeles was founded by Jake Wood and William McNulty. TR unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with medical professionals to rapidly deploy emergency response teams into crisis situations.

John Bertone Owner, Kamui, reconnected with Cal Verdin 3 years ago prior to Cal’s retirement from the Army. Both Cal and John went to the same high school together Class of ‘90. John has been a true supporter of our military forces and has been seeking ways that he can help by involving the billiard industry.

“ I have been seeking some productive ways to giving back to the men and women who put their lives on the line for our freedom and for what our country stands for. Team Rubicon is a great organization to get behind because they are giving our men and women veterans an opportunity to continue using their skills towards a positive and productive cause.” stated John Bertone of

Ivan Lee, President/CEO, Iwan Simonis Incorporated was contacted by John Bertone about the Team Rubicon Brunswick pool table laying in pieces without felt. John and Ivan share a common feeling about our service men and women and decided together to split the costs of getting the TR pool table up and running.

“Simonis is proud to help Team Rubicon because they are so active in helping people in need. Utilizing veteran’s skills to respond quickly and efficiently to crisis situations around the world is commendable.” stated Ivan Lee of

Cal Verdin, a 20 year Army Veteran, a fan of pool, volunteers his time at Team Rubicon in Los Angeles. His specialties in the field during his 20 years in the Army are now a part of assisting people who are in need.
“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank John Bertone and Ivan Lee for helping Team Rubicon get the felt for our Brunswick pool table that was donated to us and special thanks to the “engineers” (Oscar and Ernesto Dominguez) who reassembled it! The volunteers of TR have a predisposition for selfless service with the skills we possess and the training that has been provided to us. Not only do we feel compelled to work hard but also a strong desire to relax and play hard as well. The newly renovated pool table you have provided us at the Team Rubicon headquarters allows us to unwind and bond! So again, thank you my friend and I look forward to you swinging by anytime for a game or two. Let us here at HQ show you the skills that us veterans have on a pool table!”, stated Cal Verdin of Team Rubicon.

If you want more info or want to get involved and/or support Team Rubicon please visit
If you have any questions or wish to contact, please email

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