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POV Pool: June is for ‘Junior Norris’

April 7th, 2017

Wichita Falls, TX

By: Daniel Busch


Registrations, Sponsorships, Exhibitors can contact Contact Sherri Glenn by email at: or by phone at 940-733-8846

OR Register ONLINE!

The 2017 Junior Norris Memorial Shootout! 

When it comes to pocket billiards in the U.S., one can’t deny that there are many legends of the game. And, in Wichita Falls, TX there lived a man named Junior Norris, born in 1925, he was a World War II veteran and patriot who played pool most of his life, Junior referred to the pool hall as ‘home’. A dear friend to Mike Massey who Junior competed against as far back as the 1960’s; Mike could joyfully regale you with stories of Junior Norris, like how Junior could pick up 13 balls with one hand to Mike’s 8 balls in one hand.

Pool Pro: Mike Massey tells 'Junior Norris' stories to KDFX News in 2016.

Pool Pro: Mike Massey tells ‘Junior Norris’ stories to KDFX News in 2016.

Junior lived on to the ripe age of 90 years old, before his passing in March of 2016. Survived by his daughter, Sherrie Glenn and two brothers, David and Charlie, the ‘Junior Norris Shootout’ which, started in 2013 as a birthday tournament for her Dad every month of June, but has since grown to become an annual gathering of over 150 players paying tribute to the man who found his home on the rails.

This June’s ‘Junior Norris’ Shootout! 


The Junior Norris Memorial Shootout is held at 3916 KELL BLVD EAST, WICHITA FALLS, TX 76308.

Note:  The Junior Norris Memorial Shootout is a NON-SMOKING event.  There will be a designated area outside the building to accommodate our smoking visitors.

The events will be played on 40 bar-box, Valley Tables courtesy of Gary Benson, High Country Promotions and Accu-Racks provided by Chris Renfro’s, Outsville company. There are 5 separate events scheduled from June 21st-25th which are already taking registrations on the Junior Norris website. Playing 8, 9 and 10 ball competitions, with additional ‘Charity Event’ open to 16 teams of players that is almost filled. And to keep the ‘hot shots’ on their toes, this year’s ‘Shootout’ also includes a bonus, 16 player ‘big boy 10-ball, ring-game’ tournament with a $100 entry and $500 added.

Foooood and Drinks!

The Junior Norris events will have a full service bar thanks to the efforts of The Silver Dollar Saloon, unlimited coffee and tea, pastries in the mornings, and a variety of food options all week. With a Huge Big Texas Style BBQ on Saturday June 24th. “DON’T YOU DARE MISS IT!!”

Live Streamed on POV Pool

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Point Of View Pool Media is both, proud and honored to bring viewers free live-action coverage of this year’s Junior Norris Memorial Shootout, which can be accessed at or directly on our YouTube Channel at:

Live Brackets will be provided by: CompuSport compusport lofo

Exhibitor space is available to vendors; we invite you to join us at this grand arena where players and spectators can also meet and shop for their products:

Vendors onsite: Bryant Billiards, Jerry Olivier Custom Cues, Joe Salazar Cues, Outsville, Taylor Cues, Behind The 8 Ball, Mike Massey, Keeno’s ‘Taste Of Texas’ Jerky, JB Cases, Silver Dollar Saloon,

Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 9.38.54 PMTournament Operations and Tables: Gary Benson at High Country Promotions 

• Registrations•Sponsorships•Exhibitors • Contact Sherri Glenn by email or by phone: / 940-733-8846 • 

Special Update: Custom cue-maker, Jerry Olivier at and custom case maker, John Barton at are building a ‘one of a kind’, ‘Texas Legend’ Cue and Case, each to be displayed and held for a exclusive auction at this year’s Junior Norris Memorial Shootout Event!

POV Pool would like to thank: Sherrie Glenn and the Norris Family, Frank Nordmann, Steve Mansfield, GoPlayPool, KDFX News and all of the sponsors of this year’s event.

Find this event on:   master01_2016_quarter_STROKE (2)


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Remembering The Texas Legend, The Inspiration: Junior Norris


Junior’s journey in life began in 1925 in Wichita Falls, TX where he was also raised and like many kids in the early 1930’s, Junior at the age of 8 years old began playing his own mocked up version of pocket billiards with marbles and sticks in the back alley behind the local pool room. That said, Junior’s life wasn’t just a long series of pool stories, as his fate was sealed when he and his two brothers were called to serve with the military during World War II before they could finish high school.

After his tour of duty, Junior returned to Wichita Falls and was employed at Mid Central Fish Company but, his love for pocket billiards did not fade. In the early 1960’s, Junior Norris would attend every tournament at The Stardust in Las Vegas (aka ‘The Stardust days’) where he competed and cashed with some of the world’s best players to enter the arena. Throughout his life, he would take on different roles in the auto and oil industry, but pocket billiards turned out to be his biggest passion. It has been noted by Junior’s daughter, Sherrie Glenn that his home used to be the pool-hall and his second home was ‘home’.

A feared and seasoned pool player, a tough competitor; Junior played in many World Championships and often cashed. In 1995, Junior Norris was inducted into the Texas Billiards Hall of Fame, but probably his most treasured memory is from 2015, when he and his brothers were honored by the United Sates Military with their high school diplomas and military decorations which, were finally presented 70 years after their service; a story that made headlines in Texas. (Watch it here)








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