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‘Top Gun’ – Real Time Feed!

March 6th, 7th and 8th, 2015

Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower, CA 


The Mezz West State Tour – Top Gun Event! 

Congrats Attila...POV Pool Loves you!!!

Congrats Attila…POV Pool Loves you!!!





Ruben and Mom!

Congrats on a great showing, Ruben!


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Watch the Live stream …Don’t miss a minute of the action!

Real Time Reports: 

Full Screen Bracket available at:



Top Gun Payouts!

1st Place: $1,600 Attila Bezdan
2nd Place: $1,250 Oscar Dominguez
3rd Place: $ 800 Edgie Geronimo
4th Place: $ 500 Ruben Bautista
5th Place: $ 325 Ernesto Dominguez
6th Place: $ 325 Vilmos Foldes
7th Place: $ 250 Tang Hoa
8th Place: $ 250 Jason Williams
9th Place: $ 175 Ramin Bakhtiari
10th Place: $ 175 Fach Garcia
11th Place: $ 175 Melissa Herndon
12th Place: $ 175 Dave Hemmah
13th Place: $ 125 Johnny Kang
14th Place: $ 125 Chris Fangre
15th Place: $ 125 Bob Jocz
16th Place: $ 125 Ramon Mistica
17th Place: $ 100 Jaynard Orque

Commentator's Curse: Copyright 2015 Mauricio Marroquin

Commentator’s Curse: Copyright 2015 Mauricio Marroquin

18th Place: $ 100 Phil Prentice
19th Place: $ 100 Beau Runningen
20th Place: $ 100 Mark Whitehead
21st Place: $ 100 Jaden Brock
22nd Place: $ 100 Santos Sambajon
23rd Place: $ 100 Rodney Wynn
24th Place: $ 100 Paul Silva
25th Place: $ 75 Frank Robutz
26th Place: $ 75 Tim Daniel
27th Place: $ 75 Kevin May
28th Place: $ 75 Larry Bohn
29th Place: $ 75 Tommy Lipps
30th Place: $ 75 Reid Stensrud
31st Place: $ 75 Anthony Ortega
32nd Place: $ 75 Justin Logan

Top Female $  500 Melissa Herndon

Day 2

Attila Vilmos vs Attila

Day 1

Looks like a Family Affair on the winner’s side rounding out Day 1.  Cousins, Vilmos Foldes and Attila Bezdan are matched up tomorrow.  Father, Ernesto Dominguez, is scheduled to play his son, Oscar, as well.  The Dominguez’s have been known to not play each other, but to let one continue on.  So, we shall see tomorrow who will continue on the winner’s side nonetheless.

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The EVE: March 6th

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