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The 2019 ‘Tiger Silver Cup’ 3-Cushion – Real Time Feed, Results And Information!

The 2019 ‘Tiger Silver Cup’ 3-Cushion – Real time feed, results and information!

January 14th, 2019

POV Pool Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA

By: Daniel Busch and Geraldine Thibodeau

The 2019, Tiger Silver Cup, 3-Cushion Billiard Tournament

Presented by the Silver Cue Billiards in Huntington Park, California; the aptly named ‘Silver Cup’ event takes place between January 18th – 20th, 2019 with live streamed coverage provided by POV Pool Media. All the action and matches can be viewed for free at POVPOOL on YouTube, starting on Thursday, January 17th at 5:30PM / PST for the initial player’s meeting and tournament draw.

Be sure to stay tuned and share this page with others when referring to results and updates regarding this event!

Entries are still being taken as of January 14th – Call Vicke Pineda at (323) 245-3840


Find a Tiger Dealer at

Tournament Update #1 – January 17th @ 9:30pm / PST

Final Roster of Players (24 total)

Players will begin at 11AM / PST

4 Groups of 6 Players (Round Robin Format) / 2 from each group to play a Round Robin, Final playoff!

  1. Pedro Piedrabuena
  2. LuisMiguel Avila
  3. Javier Vera
  4. Luis Avega
  5. Ricardo Carranco
  6. Hector Ocampo
  7. Frank Giordano
  8. Luis Franco
  9. Harry Pena
  10. Jesus Corona
  11. Spencer Winston
  12. Roberto Almazo
  13. Gabriel Rosas
  14. Jose Rodriguez
  15. Eduardo Cervantes
  16. Temo Cardenas
  17. Arturo Rocha
  18. Carlos Cruz
  19. Stan Lee
  20. Hiep Don
  21. Roberto Gencion
  22. Vicke Pineda
  23. Cantor
  24. Palafox

Also (Cue Repair / Draw / Schedule / Service):

Cue Repair

Imported from Phoenix, Arizona Craig Herman’s Cue-Repair is in the house providing excellent service!


Friday morning matches: 

Today’s matches are updated (SCHEDULE was edited on Friday Morning)
12PM / PST: Vicke Pineda vs Stan Lee
1:30PM / PST: Javier Vera vs Harry Pena
3PM / PST: Luis Eduardo Aveiga Ferrin vs Jesus Rodriguez
4:30PM / PST: Palafox vs Luismiguel Avila
6PM / PST: Ricky Carranco vs Pedro Piedrabuena
7:30PM / PST: TBA


Saturday Matches and Flight Standings

Recent Photos



Saturday Matches!



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