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POV Pool Blasting Off In 2014!

Sunday, January 5th – 2014

Hard Times Billiards – Bellflower

13 New Stream Dates Thru February!  

As part of its commitment to the promotion of pool and cue sports in the United States. POV Pool is setting a new record of 13 consecutive live stream dates and events which will begin this Sunday, January 5th – 2014 and end on February 18th. Don’t forget to save these dates and tune in for real time updates and reports from the billiard community. There will be a handful of other important events to watch online and POV Pool will be online to report these events.



 – Sun, Jan 5th, 12:00PM PST    /     Sunday – 9-Ball
 – Sat, Jan 11th, 12:00PM PST    /     Action Sunday! 
 – Sun, Jan 12th, 12:00PM PST  /     Action Sunday! 
 – Fri, Jan 17th, 12:00PM PST    /     Action Friday! 
 – Sun, Jan 26th, 12:00PM PST  /     Action Sunday! 
 – Sat, Feb 1st, 12:00PM PST      /      Saturday – One Pocket!
 – Sun, Feb 2nd, 12:00PM PST   /     Sunday 9-Ball! 
 – Sun, Feb 9th, 12:00PM PST    /     Action Sunday! 
 – Sat, Feb 15th, 10:00AM PST   /     Day 1 – 18th Jay Swanson Tournament! 
 – Sun, Feb 16th, 10:00AM PST  /     Day 2 – 18th Jay Swanson Tournament!
 – Mon, Feb 17th, 10:00AM PST  /    Day 1 – Special PPV Event!
 – Tues, Feb 18th, 10:00AM PST  /    Day 2 – Special PPV Event!

Saving the Best for Last! 

13 Stream Dates, 11 of which will be free to watch, POV Pool is saving the best event for last, which will take place on February 17th & 18th immediately after the 18th Annual Jay Swanson Memorial Tournament! Stay tuned to POV Pool for complete details and please remember to Keep Loving Pool!

POV Pool is proudly sponsored by: Kamui Tips, Pool-A-Holic Apparel & RunOut Apps!

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