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“A Holiday Wish” Event: Giving Going a Long Way – Dec 6th!

Saturday, December 6th, 2014

Golden Cue Billiards – South El Monte

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A ‘Holiday Wish’ this Season! 

Going a long way with a small act of kindness this year, on Saturday, December 6th, Geraldine Thibodeau and Marc Ong have teamed up with Golden Cue Billiard’s owner, Ken Hoshide and Daniel Busch of POV Pool to hold a charity event and toy drive for the city of South El Monte’s Christmas Wish Toy Giveaway to benefit less fortunate children within the local community. Ken Hoshide, owner of the Golden Cue, has been a tremendous support to POV Pool and did not hesitate to host the event at his poolroom.  It was Kenny’s suggestion that we give back to the local area and advised us that the city of South El Monte was having a toy drive.  Most of the clientele of the Golden Cue live locally and we knew this would be an ideal charity to work with.

This Saturday’s event consists of an 8-Ball Jack & Jill Scotch Doubles Tournament, raffles throughout the day and a Marty Carey Trick Shot Exhibition.  The scotch doubles tournament will allow for a maximum of 32 teams, Double Elimination on both sides, racing to two.  For a $40 entry fee into the tournament, each team will get 2 raffle tickets, 2 PoolHall Plushies, 2 meal tickets, $10 donation and $20 to the prize fund of the tournament.

 A Helping Hand from the Billiard Industry! 

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Florian ‘Venom’ Kohler

Several companies of the pool and billiard world have stepped up to donate items for the raffle.  POV Pool has been fortunate to be friends with Max Eberle for 10 years now.  In contacting Max, he was excited to donate several, free hours of his online Pro Pool Academy, as well as the Powerful Pool DVD.  Max went a step further and contacted Bob Meucci of Meucci cues and asked him if he would also like to help in this charity event.  In all generosity, Mr. Meucci ‘RUSHED’ a Meucci, RB4 – Green Cue to us for the raffle as a fitting grand prize!
We at POV Pool and The Golden Cue would like to also extend our thanks and appreciation to the following companies and sponsors for their benevolent donations:


racking secrets II  TigerLogo_1    woodyslogo   KAMUI CHALK

An Exhibition with Marty Carey


Photograph By: © 2014 Ashi Fachler

Ranked #20 against other champion artistic pool players, Marty Carey is not only donating a Marty Carey Jump Q. And, for one night only at the Golden Cue for the “Holiday Wish Charity Event,” Marty Carey will also be perforning an exciting 2-part, artistic exhibition at scheduled intervals. Marty is not unfamiliar to the idea of helping and inspiring children, he has created a tour that he travels to different Boys and Girls’ Clubs across California teaching trick shots.  As someone who wants to motivate the future of pool toward success, he did not hesitate to commit to performing at this charity event.
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We would like to give our sincere thanks to Marty Carey for his Jump Q donation to the raffle, as well as donating his time to come down and provide an hour of entertainment throughout the day!
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POV Pool could not put on this tournament or event alone.  Marc Ong, the San Gabriel Valley APA league operator and Dawn Fanty, have put in as much time and effort to bring this event to life.  Marc and Lady will be directing the tournament, as well as have been taking entrants and selling raffle tickets in the last month.  With their help, they connected the Holiday Wish Charity Event with ‘Simply The Best Poultry’ to donate 40lbs of chicken, so that we could also provide food.  And with special thanks to Renee Williams for donating her time and energy to prepare food at this event.
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