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A ‘Ban’ of Brothers!

October 22nd – 2015

Point Of View Pool Media – Los Angeles

by Geraldine Thibodeau and Daniel Busch

Trickshot players suspended

Note: Since publishing this article on this day, top world ranked WPA-APD player Andy Segal did an on-air interview with Mark Cantrill of American Billiard Radio. Listen to this interview now – Episode: “Higher On The Wire” @ 104:30 minutes!ABR Logo

From ‘Top’ to ‘Not’!

It looks like the players have received their answer to the letter that was sent to the World Pool Association – Artistic Pool Division. Since POV Pool’s original article on this subject was published, there have been some developments in the Artistic Pool community. The Player’s Board sent a letter to the owner of Jamaica Joe’s (venue for the upcoming Master’s Artistic Pool Championship) stating that several players would not be playing in upcoming events until certain issues dealing with the players and the WPA-APD were resolved. In this letter was also an apology for any inconvenience it may cause the event and an additional reminder not to use their names as part of the promotion for it.

After the WPA-APD was informed of this letter and spoke to the owner of Jamaica Joe’s, the WPA-APD President, Mark Dimick sent an email (on behalf of the APD Board) issuing a 3-year suspension from competing in future APD events to the following players: Nick Nikolaidis, Andy Segal, Gabi Visoiu, Abram Diaz and Dave Nagle. The email also states that after 3 years have elapsed, the APD board will be required to hold a vote for player reinstatement. Before this suspension is official, players are apparently eligible to appeal this decision with an appeal board. The five suspended players are part of a Player’s Board, and was responsible for the issuance of the letter to the Jamaica Joe’s, venue owner. Although the WPA-APD knew that the Player’s Board would boycott future events, the APD stated that, “Had nothing further happened, we probably could have eventually reached a common-ground without serious disruption.” However we at POV Pool would like to know then, why communication was not made between the WPA-APD board and the Player’s Board?

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It is said that all the players were contacted regarding these communications, and all but eight players are still seeking the change that they first asked in the letter to the WPA-APD. We have yet to speak to these players who have backed out of the “Player’s Union,” but we suspect that because the WPA-APD stated they are willing to come to a “common ground,” these players would back out of the “Player’s Union.” Without hearing from each player, we can only speculate, though.

In a similar case in 2013, Rodney Morris had voiced publicly some dislikes he had for Cue Sports International (CSI) and its owner, Mark Griffin. Morris was then indefinitely banned from any future CSI events. After a public and personal apology, Rodney Morris was at the 2015 US-Open hosted by CSI…so, we have to ask that, because of an apology letter to Jamaica Joe’s informing them of their intentions not to compete at the event, is a 3 year suspension appropriate for these players?

Listen to the related interview with Abram Diaz on American Billiard Radio – “The View From The Top” @ 58:07

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  1. I said from the beginning this suspension should be reversed and at the very worst impose probation for 6 mos. maximum in order to save face and move along better off. Also, a “players board” of 5-6 players, voted on by majority vote of the top 32 ranked. They will have 30% of the voting field whenever issues arise. Why exclude ANY player input in the sport we’re supporting? That’s not fair to me as a player.
    Under the current situation, I personally lose any incentive to compete in a field where the top players are vacant. That’s my goal to reach!!! Did they even realize the residual effect it would have on the other players, like myself, who won’t participate in any events under these circumstances?? So now we’re back to compromising, reinstating and restructuring…………like it or not!!!

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