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Real Time News Feed: 2016 West Coast Challenge

$5,000 Added 1-Pocket 

Wednesday, July 6th – 8th

$10,000 Added 10-Ball

Friday, July 8th – 10th

California Billiards, Fremont

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West Coast Challenge $10,000 Added 10-Ball



1st Place $5,000

2nd Place $3,000

3rd Place $2,000

4th Place $1,125

5th – 6th Place $850

7th – 8th Place $600

9th – 12th Place $ 400


1st – Dennis Orcullo

2nd – Alex Pagulayan

3rd – Jason Williams

4th – Ernesto Dominguez

5th-6th – Thorsten Hohmann / Vilmos Foldes

7th-8th – Oscar Dominguez / Edgie Geronimo

9th-12th – Jaynard Orque / Santos Sambajon / John Morra / Bill Meacham

13th-16th – Ramin Bakhtiari / Bill Skinner / Brandon Shuff / Gus Briseno

17th-24th – Allen Mahon / Tony Chohan / Delbert Wong / Francisco Bustamante / Eric Esquivel / Rodney Morris / Steve Linglebach / Amar Kang

Winner of the West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket and 10-Ball Tournaments:

Dennis Orcullo


07/10 5:30pm


Alex Pagulayan vs. Dennis Orcullo

True Double Elimination (Race to 11/9)

alex dennis

Dennis Orcullo wins the first match to 11, but now has to defeat Alex Pagulayan in a race to 9.

07/10 5:15pm

Jason the local hero, the comeback kid, the monster killer…falls short on the 10-ball in a case game match against Dennis Orcullo.

07/10 3:00pm

Dennis Orcullo defeats Ernesto Dominguez 9-6, to go on to play Jason Williams for 3rd place.

Dennis Orcullo vs. Jason Williams


Combination Jason Williams takes on Robocop, Dennis Orcullo.

07/10 12:00pm

Ernesto Dominguez vs. Dennis Orcullo

ernesto dennis

Ernesto Dominguez defeats Vilmos Foldes 9-6

Dennis Orcullo defeats Thorsten Hohmann 9-3

07/10 11:00am

Thorsten Hohmann vs. Dennis Orcullo


Ernesto Dominguez vs. Vilmos Foldes

Winners will face each other, and then the winner of this match will face Jason Williams.

And the finals against Alex Pagulayan.

07/09 10:15pm

Hot Seat Match

Alex Pagulayan vs. Jason Williams

With a back cut one to the ten, Jason Williams was able to defeat Thorsten Hohmann to Alex Pagulayan in the HOT SEAT for a guaranteed 3rd place.  With Jason on the first break and no balls pocketed, Alex was able to get to the table.  With a missed jump shot from Alex, Jason was able to get back to the table.  Unfortunately, Jason hangs the five ball and Alex comes back to the table to get the first point of the game.  With a funny configuration on the 9 and 10, Jason’s opportunity for a point diminished. Once again the ball hung in the pocket and Alex took the second game.  Alex was able to take the next game, giving him a 3-0 lead.  Alex breaks the game, making four balls, but scratches.  With a miss on the seven ball, Jason lets Alex back to the table to then play a safety. Although Jason rattled the 8 ball, he was still able to win the game leaving the match at 3-1.  Alex takes the next 3 games bringing his lead to 6-1.  Fortunately for Jason, we was able to pull his strength together and get to 6-2, but not for long.  Alex capitalizes on Jason’s scratch and makes it 7-2 and then 8-2…and another and another game for 10-2 for Alex. And he kept running without looking back, defeating Jason, 11-2. 

07/09 11:00am

First match featured on the live stream table will be John Morra vs. Francisco Bustamante.  With one mistake John Morra was able to take an early lead from Bustamante.  John Morra then had the opportunity to run a 3 pack before Bustamante was even able to get back to the table.

Players List

pl1 pl2 pl3 pl4

West Coast Challenge $5,000 Added 1-Pocket 

2016 West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket Champion

Dennis Orcullo


07/08 8:00pm


Robert Herchik vs. Dennis Orcullo

True Double Elimination


Dennis Orcullo took an early game lead to Bob Herchik 2-0.  After another hour and fifteen minutes, Bob Herchik was able to overcome Dennis’ shotmaking and took one game.  With a fantastic battle, Dennis Orcullo defeats Bob Herchik the first match, due to a double elimination another match, race to 3 is played.  Dennis goes on to defeat Bob 3-1.

07/08 5:00pm

After defeating Santos Sambajon 3-1, Dennis Orcullo moves on to play John Schmidt for 3rd place.  Unfortunately, the 1st game starts out a little rough for John as he owes two balls, but just as soon as those balls are pocketed, spotted and the coins come off the table, but he was never able to catch up to Dennis in that game.  John was able to capture one game over Dennis, but Dennis went on to defeat John Schmidt 3-1.  After some great playing and patience in the tournament John took 3rd place.

13652914_10154397642189673_6888647145045977941_o (1)

07/08 12pm

With the close of a late night, Bob Herchik was able to defeat John Schmidt 4-2.  Herchik owed 4 balls the first game and was able to make a comeback and win that game.  Of the 6 games, most of them were played up table and with a lot of patience.  At 3am, it is hard to not want to just finish the match and get some sleep.  Today, however is a new day…third day of one pocket with the final four remaining and the beginning of the West Coast Challenge 10-ball.

On the live stream table, most of the day will feature the end of the 1pocket tournament.  Dennis Orcullo vs. Santos Sambajon battle it out at noon.  The winner will face John Schmidt at 4pm/pst.  And finally the winner from that match will meet up with Bob Herchik, scheduled at 8pm.

07/07 4:15pm

On the Winner’s side, Santos Sambajon vs. John Schmidt take to the feature table.  This is not the first time they have matched up.  A little over a year ago, they matched up in an action match in Victorville and also in Los Angeles.  In Los Angeles, at Santos’ home room, Santos was able to beat him, but in Victorville they raced to 10 for $3,500 and John beat Santos.  So, this match-up is the tie breaker!  John Schmidt has been playing very well on the West Coast Swing and this 1-pocket tournament hasn’t been any different.  He started out very strong in the first game, winning 8-0.  After a long second game, John Schmidt beats out Santos, leading the match 2-0. Santos was able to snatch up the next game, but John captured the 4th game to make the score 3-1.


07/07 1:45pm

Two different styles enter to the feature area, Tony Chohan vs. Bernie Pettipiece.  Tony, a strong, aggressive, fast paced player versus Bernie, a slower methodical player.  With that, Chohan takes the first game within 10 minutes of starting the match.  And within another 15 minutes after that, Tony takes his second game. After pushing one single ball around the table for almost 30 minutes, at 7-7, Tony finally sinks it and wins the match!

20160707_133709 copy

07/07 11:00am

After a long day of play yesterday, we are down to 24 players left.  Our day begins with a winner’s side match between Dennis Orcullo and Santos Sambajon.  Games started out quick, but as the match progressed to 2-2, each player buckled down and started putting in more thought and becoming more strategic.  At this point, the table next to the stream table featured Edgie Geronimo vs. Alex Pagulayan from the 1-Loss side.  After another win for each player, they were both on the hill.  Santos goes on to take the win!  Dennis was pretty upset, as he sat in the player chair for another 10 minutes after it was over.


07/06 10:15pm

Case game between Jeff Gregory and Paul Marquez left Paul the winner!  On the next table over Oscar Dominguez defeated Jerry Matchin in a hill-hill match.  Because the Gregory/Marquez match took 3 hours, the tournament director could not hold the next match much longer and John Schmidt would prefer not to be streamed, Alex Pagulayan vs. John Schmidt was placed on the table beside the live stream table.  As the final match on the live stream, with a few unconventional camera angles, Pagulayan and Schmidt were featured.  Pagulayan won the first game racing to 4 on the winner’s side. With 5 balls on the table in the second game a battle up table starts to form.  Two balls and the cue ball on the rail, both players nudging the cue ball along.  Alex comes up to the table nudge the cue ball against an object ball and says, “How long we got here?…like 8 days?”  From there each player fouls a couple times to bring up a balls. Tournament director, Janet Okamoto is called to watch the hits, as Alex no longer feels he should be watching John’s hit, to ensure the legality.  John went on to win the game, tying it at 1-1. John Schmidt found his opening in the third game beating Alex 8 to -1.  Alex was not out of it the next game, though…he beat John 8-0, making the match even at 2-2.  On the fifth game, John goes on to beat Alex, again 8 to -1!  Not only are the scores phenomenal, but they also have played at a quick speed. With a score of 7-1 and John Schmidt on the hill, Alex concedes the final game and the match.  Schmidt played one of the best matches of the tournament!


07/06 6:45pm

One Pocket can be a trying game and a true battle of the minds.  Wedges can form in the tournament bracket, as players can take much longer in their matches.  As Alex Pagulayan waits for his second round match, Jeff Gregory and Paul Marquez step up to the live stream table.

07/06 5:45pm

Brandon Shuff and Dennis Orcullo came to the feature table BATTLING!  By hour 3, the score 3-2 with Dennis in the lead.   Each player playing with caution and care, tactfully choosing just the right shot.  The game of patience was with each of the players.  Each player paced the table several times before choosing their precise shot.  At times we saw them string the pearls, but most of the time it was a waiting game.  Although, at one point Shuff was ahead 2 games, he fell to a champion player, Orcullo 4-2.

07/06 5:30pm

IMG_9389 IMG_9390 IMG_9391 IMG_9397 IMG_9393 IMG_9394 IMG_9395 IMG_9398 IMG_9399 IMG_9402 IMG_9410 IMG_9412 IMG_9416 IMG_9417 IMG_9420 IMG_9431 IMG_9432 IMG_9435 IMG_9438 IMG_9423 IMG_9424 IMG_9426 IMG_9427 IMG_9430IMG_9441

07/06 3:45pm

The first match on the live stream table today featured Tony Chohan and Edgie Geronimo’s 1-pocket debut.  Edgie was getting a few pointers just the other day from Santos Sambajon and Efren Reyes.  Chohan may have been a bit slow starting today, as he was behind 2-1 to Edgie.  Edgie incorporating his straight shot making, some of his new found knowledge and capitalizing on Chohan’s mistakes.  Chohan proved that he was the stronger player, by winning the match 4-3.

Players List

1plist1 1plist2 1plist3 1plist4



1st Place $3,3002016 WCC

2nd Place $2,275

3rd Place $1,400

4th Place $1,000

5th – 6th Place $750

7th – 8th Place $500

9th – 12th Place $150


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