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Down to 12 at Break Time Billiards


Top 12 Updates on Day 2 of stop #11 of the Mezz West State Tour at Break Time Billiards in Modesto, CA!


Winner’s Side

Jaynard Orque (W) vs. Jerry Janito (L)
Francis Ritarita (W) vs. Curtis Parch (L)
Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Billy Silveria (L)
Jason Williams (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)

combination jason

1-Loss Side

Ernesto Dominguez (L) vs. Jerry Janito (W)
Amar Kang (L) vs. Jason Williams (W)
Brian Law (L) vs. Curtis Parch (W)
Kevin May (W) vs. Billy Silveria (L)

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 2.50.20 PM

Winner’s Side


Jaynard Orque (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)
Francis Ritarita (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)

1-Loss Side

Kevin May (W) vs. Curtis Parch (L)
Jason Williams (L) vs. Jerry Janito (W)

Winner’s Side: HOT SEAT MATCH


Vilmos Foldes (L) vs. Beau Runningen (W)


1-Loss Side

Jaynard Orque (W) vs. Kevin May (L)
Francis Ritarita (W) vs. Jerry Janito (L)

photo (6)

Jaynard Orque (W) vs. Francis Ritarita (L)
Vilmos Foldes (W) vs. Jaynard Orque (L)


Waiting in the HOT SEAT

Beau Runningen



Beau Runningen (L) vs. Vilmos Foldes (W)


Winner: Vilmos Foldes


1. Vilmos Foldes $1,200
2. Beau Runningen $850
3. Jaynard Orque $650
4. Francis Ritarita $400
5. Jerry Janito $250
6. Kevin May $250
7. Jason Williams $200
8. Curtis Parch $200
9. Amar Kang $100
10.Brian Law $100
11.Billy Silveria $100
12.Ernesto Dominguez $100
Top Female: Melissa Herndon $100

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