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The 2018 West Coast Swing Of Pool Tournaments And Action: Dates And Venues!

The 2018 West Coast Swing of Pool Tournaments and Action: Dates and Venues!

February 23rd, 2018

POV Pool Headquarters – Los Angeles, CA

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Dates and Venues locked in for this year’s, West Coast Swing of Pool Tournaments!

In association with Family Billiards, California Billiards, Freezer’s Icehouse and Point of View Pool Media, the highly anticipated ‘West Coast Swing’ of pool tournament and action are locked in with our confirmed dates and added monies. Yes, everyone, you read it right; this year’s West Coast Swing is working with none other than, Scott Frost and Freezer’s Icehouse who will be hosting the 3rd stop of the ‘Swing’ with two tournaments that will total in $13,000 of added prize monies.

The West Coast Swing events and tournaments are regarded a series of stepping stones for professional pool players and top amateurs, seeking the high-level competition and generous payouts whilst on the road to Las Vegas to play the CSI U.S. Open 10-Ball and 8-Ball Championship events, now being held annually at ‘Griffs’ pool-hall. Every year, the West Coast Swing events follow the same rules of thumb: high powered, multi-format pool tournaments featuring, top-level competition at the best venues in the Western United States with some of the most respected tournament staff the industry has to offer.

Stay tuned for more news and updates regarding this year’s series and for now; SAVE THESE DATES!

  • June 30-July 1 – $3,000 Added Cole Dickson 10-Ball – Family Billiards, San Francisco, CA
  • July 4th-6th • $5,000 Added West Coast Challenge 1-Pocket @ California Billiards – Fremont, CA
  • July 6th-8th • $15,000 Added West Coast Challenge 10-Ball @ California Billiards – Fremont, CA
  • July 11th-13th • $3,000 Added Freezer’s Icehouse 1-Pocket Challenge @ Freezer’s Icehouse – Tempe, AZ
  • July 13th-15th • $10,000 Added Freezer’s Icehouse 10-Ball Challenge @ Freezer’s Icehouse – Tempe, AZ


Entry Forms, Entry Fees, Rules Formats and Additional Press: COMING SOON!

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