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MezzWestStateTour – Stop #9 Won by Attila Bezdan!

Sunday – January 11th, 2015
BullShooters Sports Bar – Phoenix, AZ
Article: Oscar Dominguez
Edited by: Daniel Busch

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The Mezz West State Tour – Stop #9

BullShooters Gets A Taste Of The Action! 

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The Mezz West State Tour headed to Phoenix, Arizona for its 9th stop of the season at the beautiful BullShooters establishment owned by Mike Bates. Mike and his staff worked tirelessly all weekend to accommodate the 87 players, who convened to this legendary room with 43 tables of all types. Players from all over the west coast and along with several international stars in attendance; the crowd was not disappointed to a world class demonstration of 9 ball.

Scott Frost at Bullshooters

Scott Frost at BullShooters – PHX, AZ

The top half of the bracket was led by one pocket specialist and high stakes action player Scott Frost. Frost had a strong support group as he played some high powered 9 ball defeating Danny Gokhul, Tommy Tokoph, Bobby Emmons, Chuck Evans, and finally Beau Runningen to play for the hot seat.

‘Team Hungary’ – Led By Attila! 

Attila Bezdan - Photo: Chris Santana

Attila Bezdan – Photo: Chris Santana

Meanwhile, leading the bottom half of the bracket was  the Hungarian, Attila Bezdan. Attila is in the United States on a sports visa with road partner and best friend Vilmos Foldes to play on the Mezz West State Tour. The always jovial Attila had some solid play with wins over Jason Gilbert, Brian Begay, Mitch Ellerman, and Vilmos Foldes to get the chance to play Scott Frost for the hot seat. After a very impressive start, the young Hungarian allowed Frost into the match with some errors and Frost took full advantage. After some fortunate rolls on behalf of Attila, he capitalized on his fortune with intelligent safes and pocketing sending the “Freezer” to the west side of the bracket.

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The Hungarians Play It Out! 

Attila Bezdan and Vilmos Foldes - Copyright 2015 - Fast & Loose Designs

Attila Bezdan and Vilmos Foldes – Copyright 2015 – Fast & Loose Designs

On the one loss side Vilmos Foldes awaited Scott Frost after two very hard fought victories over Oscar Dominguez and Beau Runningen. Frost jokingly told Attila he would “double dip” him in the finals but Vilmos was quick to say he wouldn’t be playing in the finals. The friendly trash talk was the perfect backdrop to what became an incredible match by Foldes and Frost. Having only the 7 and 9 ball left in the hill hill game, Frost left himself a bit too straight and tried to punch the ball over for position on the 9. This caused the 7 ball to jaw in the hole leaving Foldes a hanging 7 ball and routine 9 ball. A poor position play on the 9 left Foldes a predicament of back cutting the 9 or firing cross side which Vilmos shot at warp speed making it and sealing Frost’s fate in the hill hill game. The all Hungarian final was played out with Attila, winning his first event ever on the Mezz West State Tour.

Special Thanks To All Sponsors! 

The MWST would like to thank their sponsors for their continuous support of bringing pool back to the west coast. In addition, a very special thank you to “Fast” Lenny Marshall for donating his time and hard work for the Live streaming. Also a congrats to Tina Hess for being the top female finisher and receiving $100 bonus.

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