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The 2016 Andy Mercer Memorial Tournament at Rum Runner Lounge

March 18-20, 2016

The Rum Runner Lounge – Las Vegas, NV


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Since 1991 the Rum Runner Lounge in Las Vegas, Nevada has honored pool player and enthusiast, Andy Mercer, with an annual 9-ball bar box tournament.  For the past 26 years, this event has drawn the best pool players from across the country, and this year March 18th – 20th is no different.  With some of the world’s best professional players entered this year and a full field, we wonder will defending champion, Scott Frost win again?  Or will previous title holder Shane Van Boening take it back, or will Dennis Orcullo take conquer it this year?   Other professional and top players include Warren Kiamco, Ernesto and Oscar Dominguez, Roberto Gomez, Vilmos Foldes and Bernardo Chavez.


Players Entered – Field is FULL!

1 Dave Gomez 33 Mike Kaiser
2 Dave Datillo 34 Brendan Crocket
3 Donnie Branson 35 Gary Onomura
4 Grant Gilbert 36 Curtis Johnson
5 Doc Rice 37 John Lalo
6 Debra Aarens 38 Shane Van Boening
7 Joseph Corpuz 39 Johnny Kang
8 Joe Cannella 40 Todd Fowler
9 Sal Butera 41 Rigoberto Pena
10 Thomas Butler 42 Paul Juarez
11 Ken Brisbon 43 Sean Lane
12 Lee Harvey 44 Fred Boggs
13 Brian Parks 45 Mike Hutcheson
14 Ernesto Dominguez 46 Joel Chin
15 Oscar Dominguez 47 John Staten
16 Vilmos Foldes 48 Ed Scott
17 Scott Frost 49 Joe Nicita
18 Don McClelland 50 Tom Sampson
19 Ronnie Allen 51 Mark Estes
20 Adam Roberts 52 Mitch Ellerman
21 Tres Kane 53 Roberto Gomez
22 Bernardo Chavez 54 Jeff Gray
23 Tinsley Johnson 55 Ray Skenadore
24  Jamie Bruce 56 Frank Rocha
25 Marc Vidal 57 Jose Mendoza
26 Dennis Orcullo 58 Patrick Rhea
27 Warren Kiamco 59 Tommy Lipps
28 Jason Osborn 60 Ramin Bakhtiari
29 Jeff Schilder 61 James Harling
30 Stacy Allsup 62 Jim Carmona
31 James Harris 63 Brian Miller
32 Christina Gonzalez 64 Jamal Oussi
1 Dave Hemmah
2 Max Eberle
3 Dereck Lorcher

Event Details:

andy mercer 26

This year’s event will be available to the masses to watch FREE on POV Pool!  Three days of pros battling it out on bar boxes.  The free stream is brought to you by the Rum Runner Lounge, Rack City Billiards, Kamui Tips, Tiger Products, Marty Carey’s Jump Q, and Joe Klimchak’s Cue Repair.


Watch Last Year’s Coverage of the 25th Annual Andy Mercer Memorial…

This year the Andy Mercer Tournament is brought to you by:

Thank You to – Andy Mercer Tournament Staff:

  • Geno Hill
  • Gordi Hill
  • Jim Blakeman
  • Mike Ganz

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