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Cal Cafe & Billares Presents “The California Open”

Cal Cafe & Billares Presents “The California Open”






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Cal Cafe and Billares, located in the heart of Los Angeles will be hosting its first large sized 3-Cushion tournament with $2,000 guaranteed added money! By not limiting the number of players in the tournament, Cal Cafe is expecting a large international turnout.

March 30th – April 1st, 2018

Cal Cafe and Billares

5128 Whittier Boulevard, Los Angeles CA 90022

(323) 980-8545

House Pro, Vicke Pineda, and General Manager, Mayra Vargas, of Cal Cafe have coordinated a 3-cushion tournament to bring in players from across the globe. Teaming up with one of the best 3-cushion tournament directors in the U.S., Ricky Carranco, this is expected to be a well organized and anticipated event.

Limited to 42 players, this tiered entry and point handicap tournament will allow for the amateur player the competitive edge they are looking for in competition. Handicaps are as follows:

Average .900 & above = 30 points & $300 entry

Average .899 & below = 27 points & $250 entry

Average .699 & below = 25 points & $200 entry

Over the course of 3 days, this tournament will allow for many opportunities for the lower skilled player to compete with champions across the U.S. and World! In a round robin format with players racing to different points, depending upon their average make for long days of many matches for the players. There will also be an auction after the qualification round, where two players can bid for a wild card spot. Lastly, there will be a raffle, in which a player could win a spot to have another chance to compete in the tournament. The tournament format is as follows:

Tournament Format (Based on 42 Players)
6 groups of 7 players Round Robin
Top 3 players from each group will advance, 2 additional players whobid for a spot will advance and 1 player wild card from a raffle will advance.
Semi-Final Format with 24
8 groups of 3 Players Round Robin 
Top 2 players from each group will advance to the Final Round
Final 16 will play in a single elimination bracket

For more information and to sign up for the tournament contact:

Cal Cafe & Billares (323) 980-8545

Vicke Pineda (323) 245-3840

Ricky Carranco (323) 490-8075


  1. Pedro Piedrabuena
  2. Francisco Palafox
  3. Ricardo Carranco
  4. Gilbert Najm
  5. Vicke Pineda
  6. Jose Lizarraga
  7. Carlos Cruz
  8. Hien Nguyen
  9. Thong Nguyen
  10. Andy Nguyen
  11. Vu
  12. Phat
  13. Gabriel Rojas
  14. Hector Ocampo
  15. Eddie Cervantes
  16. Mike Kim
  17. Allan Jensen
  18. Raye Raskin
  19. Jesus Corona
  20. Carlos Ramirez
  21. Jose Rodriguez
  22. Trinh Do
  23. Alberto Avila
  24. Andy Nguyen
  25. Stan
  26. Jason Kim
  27. Spencer Winston
  28. Salvador Cardejas
  29. Luis Carranza
  30. Hiep
  31. Ricky Aleman
  32. Isaiah Andrade
  33. Ignacio Barajas
  34. Ismael
  35. Allen Castillo
  36. Cremas Perez
  37. I Fear Cardenas
  38. Cantor Carrillo

Proudly Sponsored by Tiger Billiard Products 

If you can’t make it in person, POV Pool will be providing coverage of the action on


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